Euteleostei is the crown group of ray-finned fishes, comprising some 346 families, 2,935 genera, and 17,419 species at present count (Nelson, 2006). Over one third of all vertebrate species are euteleosts, including virtually all of the economically important fishes and important genomic, developmental, and physiological model systems. The EToL project is directed at understanding the unparalleled morphological, genomic, developmental, physiological, and behavioral diversity of euteleost fishes by reconstructing a well-resolved and well-supported "backbone" phylogeny of the group.

New Tree of Life and a Revised Classification of Bony Fishes

ETOL researchers have produced the first comprehensive phylogeny of fishes based on DNA sequence data from 21 genes for 1416 species. The molecular phylogeny is time-calibrated using 59 fossil calibration points and forms the basis for a revised classification. (manuscript submitted to PLoS Currents Tree of Life)



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